Lionsgate TV’s Kevin Beggs On Streaming Future, Foreign Appeal of ‘Orange’: Mipcom

A (new) streaming service doesn’t need many subscribers to break even if consumers are willing to buy $5 or $10 (monthly) subscriptions. In fact a steaming service is easier to launch than a cable channel, which is labor intensive. Expect big brands to jump in, While the streaming model, sans ads, enables content creators to tell longer stories versus the traditional network drama series length of 43 minutes; streaming can impact buzz for a series. Gone are the days of the water cooler when everyone would congregate after watching a Sunday night show. With a series such as Orange Is the New Black, several viewers will watch the entire 13 episodes when they are promptly dropped, while others may not, hence the resonance of word of mouth gets broken. “You don’t know how far one viewer is from the other – Kevin Beggs,Lionsgate via Anthony D’Alessandro,Deadline Hollywood
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