HBO may price online-only subscription service at $15 a month

The Information is out with a report that the monthly fee may start at $15. At $15 a month, the price is similar to how much HBO costs to have the service bundled with your cable or satellite package. The high price is a sign that the premium cable channel wants to approach the service cautiously, and wants to limit the number of subscribers it loses under the traditional bundled cable model. The Web-only service, details of which are still sparse, is slated to launch in the US some time in 2015 with the potential for an international expansion. […] The warming up to an online-only future for HBO comes at a time when providers and creators of TV programming have begun to more aggressively address the rise of cord-cutting. Time Warner Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes has in the past said that HBO’s more lucrative untapped market lies in the 70 million pay-TV subscribers that do not pay for HBO and not the smaller yet growing base that have left behind cable altogether — a number that is estimated to be around 10 million. That appears to be changing. – Nick Statt,CNET
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