Twitter launches in-app music streaming service

Twitter has launched an in-app audio streaming service that will allow users to play music or podcasts directly from their timelines, in the hope that users will spend more time on its service. […] Audio Card was made in partnership with Germany audio streaming service SoundCloud. Users can listen to audio files from some of SoundCloud’s partners that tweet such as music by popular Dj David Guetta or podcasts from the White House. […] Twitter has also got iTunes on board so users can listen to music in their timeline then be transferred to Apple’s service to buy the song. Rock band the Foo Fighters officially launched their new single “Something From Nothing” on Audio Card. […] This is not Twitter’s first foray into the music space. Last year, it released a standalone app known as #Music aimed to help users discover songs by harnessing tweets around particular artists and tracks. The app was officially pulled in March due to lack of demand. – Arjun Kharpal,CNBC 
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