Top Senator Calls on Comcast to Extend Net Neutrality Pledge

Senator Patrick Leahy, […] chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has called on Comcast to extend its commitment to net neutrality “well beyond” 2018, when the company’s current pledge expires. Leahy is also asking the cable giant to foreswear “paid prioritization,” which many Open Internet advocates argue would create fast and slow “lanes” on the internet, threatening its status as a free and open platform and an engine for innovation and economic growth. […] Although Leahy is not part of the Time Warner Cable merger review process, it’s entirely possible that such conditions will be baked into federal approval of the deal, which is being scrutinized by the Justice Department as well as the FCC. “Paid prioritization” refers to a commercial arrangement in which a deep-pocketed internet content or service company pays a broadband provider like Comcast for preferential treatment on its network. Net neutrality advocates argue that such arrangements could put startups at a disadvantage, threatening the emergence of the next YouTube, Netflix, or Skype. – Sam Gustin,MOTHERBOARD 
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