What if Yahoo or Alibaba bought Netflix? Brace yourself, it might just happen

During an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop” Friday, [Porter Bibb,Mediatech Capital] explained that a dangerous combination of Netflix’s enticing subscriber base — which just passed 50 million globally — and an increasingly competitive online marketplace has marked the company as a prime target for acquisition. […] When asked if he thought Netflix’s outspoken CEO, Reed Hastings — the poster child media mogul for the cord-cutter crowd — would actually consider selling his precious brand, Bibb said Hastings may have no choice in the matter. […] This isn’t the first time Netflix has faced the possibility of a hostile takeover. According to The Reporter, Netflix constructed means to protect itself against a hostile takeover back in November of 2012 by drafting a shareholder rights plan known as a “poison pill,” when activist investor Carl Icahn began buying up Netflix stock in droves. However, while the poison pill wasn’t due to expire until November 2015, the company terminated it at the dawn of 2014, leaving it open to attack. – Ryan Waniata,Digital Trends
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