FCC Suspends Review Of Comcast-Time Warner Merger

The agency said it suspended the informal 180-day countdown clocks because nine content companies — including CBS, Fox, Time Warner Cable and Disney — refused to disclose key information about their deals with cable providers. That data was requested by some commenters — including Dish Network, RCN and Writers Guild of America, West. The FCC said it agreed with those companies that “their current inability to review [information] that has been submitted in these dockets significantly hampers their ability to meaningfully comment and participate in these proceedings.” […] AT&T’s planned acquisition of DIRECTV also has raised concerns among some advocates. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) recently asked the FCC to impose terms aimed at making sure AT&T doesn’t implement policies that would hinder cord-cutting — such as forcing consumers to accept bundled packages. “To protect consumer choice,” he said in a recent letter to regulators, “I believe that AT&T must thoroughly articulate its commitment to stand-alone broadband pricing.” – Wendy Davis,MediaPost 
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