Comcast lost 81,000 video customers in Q3, “the best result in 7 years”

“Video customer net losses declined to 81,000, the best third quarter result in seven years,” the company’s announcement said. […] Comcast had 22,457,000 video (i.e. cable TV) customers in the second quarter of this year. After the drop of 81,000, Comcast now has 22,376,000 video subscribers. One year ago, Comcast lost 127,000 video customers in the third quarter. Comcast lost 25,000 video customers in Q1 of 2014 and 144,000 in Q2 of 2014. The addition of 315,000 broadband subscribers in the latest quarter more than made up for video losses. Comcast still has more video subscribers than Internet subscribers, but the gap is closing, with 22.38 million video subscriptions vs. 21.59 million broadband subscriptions. Many customers purchase both services. – Jon Brodkin,Ars Technica
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