New Silk Road’s biggest dealer doesn’t even sell drugs

Yes, the online black market still ships weed, ecstasy, and cocaine by the pound. But its most prolific businessperson is a pseudonymous user named DrawkwarD, whose shop sells free lifetime premium accounts on sites like Spotify, Brazzers, Netflix, HBO GO, and dozens more, according to Silk Road Statistics. It’s still clearly criminal: DrawkwarD hijacks costly accounts from the unwitting public and sells them for a fraction of their original price to eager Dark Net customers. These high-profile targets are easy to grab using techniques like phishing, and they’re always in demand. Cheap and high quality porn, music, and television access has made DrawkwarD one of the most successful and highest rated vendors in Dark Net history. […] DrawkwarD might be at the top of the pack, but has plenty of company. Across the Dark Net, cheap access to high quality media is in high demand. “Digital goods” are the third highest selling category of products on Silk Road, behind weed and ecstacy, but above classics like cocaine and speed.- Patrick Howell O’Neill,The Daily Dot 
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