Jimmy Iovine gets pushback over Beats Music streaming plan

[Jimmy Iovine], who earlier this year sold the popular Beats headphones brand along with its sister music service to Apple for $3 billion, is attempting to steer the industry away from free streaming services in favor of lower-priced paid subscriptions, sources said. Iovine is getting plenty of pushback, however. […] Iovine — like other long-time recording execs — is no fan of Spotify, Pandora and other free ad-supported services that dominate the industry. While they are fast-growing, the money they generate for the labels is still a trickle. […] Although Pandora and Spotify pay just fractions of pennies to the labels each time a song is streamed, they represent the only area of growth in an industry plagued by piracy and slumping sales. What’s more, they share a cut of the ad revenue with the labels. – Claire Atkinson, New York Post  
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