FCC Warns Cable Industry: The TV Biz Is About to Change Forever

Federal Communications Commission Chair Tom Wheeler this week acknowledged that he is pushing a proposal to guarantee Internet TV services access to the same broadcast and cable content that is available to cable and satellite operators. The new rule would apply to “linear” channels offering a prescheduled programming line-up, so on-demand providers like Netflix and Amazon wouldn’t qualify. But it does open the door for a completely new category of online TV company, the so-called “over-the-top” or OTT provider, to give the established cable industry a serious run for its money. […] The broadcast industry’s primary concern is one of geography, with the National Association of Broadcasters looking to ensure inclusion of local broadcast stations, not just national content. […] Clearly the cable industry isn’t exactly rallying around the proposed expanded MVPD class. The National Cable and Telecommunications Association argued that the cable and satellite TV industry already offers “robust competition and an ever-expanding menu of video options” to consumers. If the NTCA sees that the writing is on the wall, it wants to ensure that Internet TV providers shoulder the same burdens as cable companies – Bryant Frazer,StudioDaily
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