Why Hollywood Is Pissed Off At TV Manufacturers

There’s a distinct visual difference between movies shot on film and TV shows shot on video, but TV manufacturers are perfectly fine having you believe that isn’t the case, thanks to the defaults for modern televisions’ “smooth motion” settings. […] Cinematographer Reed Morano ASC has worked on films such as Frozen River, Kill Your Darlings and the recent dramatic comedy The Skeleton Twins, and her staunch stance is that motion interpolation, the technical term for the reduction of motion blurring on HDTVs, is doing its part to ruin the cinematic experience for home audiences. […] Morano wrote an enjoyable one-sided essay for Filmmaker Magazine, in which she explains her views in full. She’s even started up a Change.org petition to convince TV manufacturers to stop creating their own “smooth motion” defaults and to leave everything as it would be without that option there. – Nick Venable,Cinema Blend
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