America Pays More For Internet, Gets Slower Speeds, Than Other Countries

Internet users in Seoul continue to get the speediest connections at the lowest prices anywhere in the world, with speeds of one gigabit per second costing just $30 a month, according to annual report released Thursday the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute. By contrast, the best speeds that consumers in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., or New York can get are half as fast and cost $300 a month. […] The New America Foundation’s report highlights how city-owned networks are becoming more competitive with the offerings from Internet providers around the world. The small number of towns that have built such networks — like Chattanooga and Lafayette, Louisiana — ranked higher in the report on speed and price than almost every other city except for those in Asia. […] Advocates for municipal broadband say there is not enough competition in the market for major companies to offer faster service at cheaper rates. They argue that local governments should be able to provide their own networks, especially in rural areas where most cable companies won’t deliver Internet service because it is not profitable – Gerry Smith,The Huffington Post
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