AMC And DirecTV Are Fighting, And It Could Cost You The Second Half Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5

The carriage agreement between AMC and DirecTV expires at the end of the year. Negotiations are apparently not going very or well, or, at least, poorly enough that AMC felt the need to run scary graphics and on-air spots during last night’s episode of The Walking Dead informing viewers that they could lose the second half of Season 5 — which runs from February to April — to a blackout if they don’t ACT NOW HURRY NOW CALL SOMEONE NOW NOW NOW. Along the same lines, the network also put out this adorably manipulative statement about the matter. […] Let me be clear: When I say “adorably manipulative,” that doesn’t mean I think you should side with DirecTV in this particular game of chicken. In fact, as a general principle, you should almost never side with a large cable/satellite provider about anything. I just think it’s a little hilarious how blatantly AMC is playing the “THEY’RE TRYING TO TAKE YOUR ZOMBIES AWAY” card here. – Danger Guerrero,UPROXX
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