Internet TV company YouView signs new deal with Netflix

The YouView internet TV service is enhancing its position as the fastest-growing platform in the market by signing an unprecedented deal with Netflix and cutting the price of its set top boxes. […] YouView is set to announce early next year that its customer base has grown to more than 2m, partly as a result of the increasingly competitive pricing of the set top boxes, which launched in 2012 at £299 ($478.44). It is expected that new deals in the autumn will bring the price well below £149 ($240.01). […] Existing Netflix customers will be able to sign in via YouView. Both BT UK and TalkTalk Telecom Group are expected to announce competitive deals for YouView access to Netflix, which normally costs £5.99 ($9.58) a month and has more than 3m UK subscribers. BT has said a Netflix account can be paid via a BT bill. – Ian Burrell,The Independent
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