To keep TV shows alive, viewing is voting. But what’s the best way to watch?

For shows currently airing on broadcast or cable networks, streaming services are still just secondary outlets, much like syndicated reruns. Can revenue from Netflix and Amazon save a TV show from cancellation? Yes. The Killing returned for a third season on AMC thanks, in part, to a lucrative Netflix deal. Under the Dome and Extant each scored deals with Amazon that I’m sure helped make CBS’s decision to renew those summer shows easier. […] Overnight ratings are still the most important measure to networks and advertisers. If you want your viewership to matter the most, watch your favorite show the night it airs. The Nielsen rating system is far from perfect, but it’s been around for longer than anyone reading this has been alive, and they are bending over backwards to stay relevant (i.e. accurate) in the era of TiVo and Netflix. – Eric Buchman,Digital Trends  
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