Streaming video brings pressures and profits to traditional pay TV

According to ReQuest, TNS’s survey of the telecommunications usage habits of nearly 25,000 US households each quarter, about one in six (16%) pay TV subscribers recently adjusted their level of video service – either upgrading to a higher tier or downgrading to a lower tier sometime during the past year. Pay TV households that also stream video are more than twice as likely as non-streaming households to have made a change to their service level with their Pay TV provider (25% vs. 12%), as might be expected given their penchant for acclimatising new viewing habits. What might be less expected, however, is that while streamers are more likely than non-streamers to downgrade their level of traditional Pay TV service (9% vs. 6%), they are also more likely to upgrade their level of service (16% vs. 6%). Moreover, service upgrades are considerably more common than downgrades among these streaming households. – Broadband TV News 
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