Top 5 TV Crossover Episodes Worth Streaming

When it comes to crossover episodes, the end result tends to go one of two way. It’s either amazingly epic or epically bad. Trying to infuse multiple characters from two (or in some cases, three) different television shows into one story line is complicated, to say the least. But when the right amount of chefs are in the kitchen, the daunting task of turning a fan fiction dream into a small screen reality could seem almost effortless. – Jaclyn Hendricks,Decider
1. ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’ Meets ‘Boy Meets World’ via Amazon Prime
“The Witches of Pennbrook” (Season 5, Episode 5)
2. ‘Family Guy’ Meets ‘The Simpsons’ via Hulu
Family Guy Episode 232: “The Simpsons Guy”
3. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Meets ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ via Amazon Prime
Grey’s Anatomy Episode 163: “Have You Seen Me Lately?” & Private Practice
Episode 91: “You Break My Heart”
4. ‘Mork & Mindy’ Meets ‘Happy Days’ Meets ‘Laverne & Shirley’ via YouTube
Mork & Mindy Episode 1: “Pilot”
5. ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Meets ‘Angel’ via Netflix
Angel Episode 103: “In the Dark” 
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