Comcast says it’s net neutrality’s No. 1 fan

In a blog post written on Comcast’s website Tuesday, Comcast executive vice president David L. Cohen insisted that his company was the best friend that net neutrality has ever had, despite the fact that the company got into hot water for throttling P2P traffic last decade in a case where we found out that Comcast was actively targeting specific protocols such as BitTorrent for throttling. […] In fact, Cohen says his company’s only objection to the president’s plan is reclassifying ISPs under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, which he says would lead to a lot of unnecessary and burdensome regulations. […] In all, Comcast can say whatever it wants about supporting net neutrality. But if there’s literally no legal means to make sure that ISPs can’t discriminate against traffic, we can’t imagine them being in love with net neutrality for all that long. – Brad Reed,BGR 
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