YouTube unveils Music Key subscription service, here’s what you need to know

Starting today, web and Android (iOS is coming soon) users will see a new music hub in YouTube. Here you’ll find playlists, recommendations, trending songs/artists or just a quick route to that one darn track you can’t (but please) stop playing — all that usual stuff. […] YouTube Music Key is the paid service we’ve been hearing about, and launches as a beta today in the US (plus Spain, Italy, Portugal, Finland and the UK). The service costs $10 (or £10/10€) a month, and gives you ad-free playback, the ability to listen in the background (essential for mobile users), offline music , endless playlists (like Spotify song-based radio stations) and — most significantly — access to the entire Google Play Music library. In short, one subscription gets you in to both of Google’s large music platforms (video and audio). – James Trew,Engadget 
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