Cord-cutting is starting to accelerate in the US

In the third quarter, the top pay-TV providers—which account for 95% of the market—lost about 150,000 video subscribers, compared with just 25,000 in the same quarter last year, according to Leichtman Research Group. It’s not an enormous loss from those providers’ 95 million subscribers, to be sure—but it’s a real one. The total number of pay-TV subscriptions in the US may well have topped out two years ago. […] The cable giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable continue to hemorrhage TV subscribers, losing 81,000 and 182,000 this quarter, respectively. Satellite TV companies, which had remained relatively flat, have now started to lose subscribers. (The 40,000 satellite subscribers lost this quarter compare to a gain of 174,000 in the same quarter last year.) – Adam Epstein,Quartz
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