EXCLUSIVE: Mike Nawrocki of ‘VeggieTales In The House’ Talks Series Netflix Reboot

The hit animated children’s series, VeggieTales, is back and better than ever as a revamped Netflix Original beginning November 26th, just in time for Turkey Day. Get the kids excited for VeggieTales in the House and some new additions to the edible crew, including Rooney the Olive Dog, no-nonsense Officer Lettuce Wedge, and first-ever meaty member, Bacon Bill. […] Forget what you remember from the original series and movies, this new adaptation is stunning. It’s much more cartoon-y and fast-paced, reminiscent of Spongebob Squarepants and Looney Toons. The new generation of VeggieTales fans will no doubt, be enthralled by the latest animation. […] As of now, Netflix and DreamWorks Studios are signed to a promising three-year deal for VeggieTales in the House and are already promising special holiday episodes. – Jaclyn Kessel,Decider 
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