White House: Streaming illegal music, movies should be a felony

“[W]e believe that federal criminal law should be modernized to include felony criminal penalties for those who engage in large-scale streaming of illegal, infringing content in the same way laws already on the books do for reproduction and distribution of infringing content,” wrote Alex Niejelow, the chief of staff to the U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator and the National Security Council’s head of cybersecurity policy. […] “We are not advocating for, and do not support, Congress enacting criminal sanctions against people who upload their own, non-commercial performances of other artists’ works on Tumblr, against the content creators making your favorite mashup on YouTube, or against the users of these services — like many of you who signed this petition — who watch and listen to this digital content,” he wrote. “Rather, we think the law should deter the large-scale willful reproduction, distribution, and streaming of illegal, infringing content for profit.” – Julian Hattem,The Hill Newspaper
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