Cord-cutters shake up consumer electronics

Black Friday’s frenzied buying masks tectonic shifts in the $207-billion consumer electronics industry. Mobile devices are upstaging traditional TVs in what could be the biggest change in mass entertainment since television supplanted radio and the movies after World War II. 2014 could mark the second consecutive year of declines in television sales. DVD sales are plummeting and Blu-ray, once the industry’s great high-definition hope, has plateaued. Meanwhile, smartphones, tablets, and streaming-video services are surging as “cord cutting” from cable or satellite TV accelerates. More consumers now value mobility and sharing over the picture and sound quality that marked the home theater era of the 2000s. […] While television sales decline from their peak of 40.3 million in 2012, smartphone purchases have tripled since 2010, to an estimated 163.5 million this year. Since 2010, tablet shipments have skyrocketed almost 700% to an estimated 80.4 million units in 2014, according to [the Consumer Electronics Association] .- Howard R. Gold,MarketWatch via USA TODAY