Waiting For Comcast Cable Guy Could Be Less Hellish With New App

[T]he country’s largest cable operator says it’s making changes and investing billions of dollars to improve the customer experience. One of the latest efforts aims to help you spend less time waiting for the technician to fix your Internet or TV service. Comcast is testing a new service in its MyAccount app that allows customers to track the arriving technician in real time on their mobile devices. The app will tell you when the technician is 30 minutes away — so in theory you could come home from work to meet the rep. The app will also tell you if the tech has been held up and will be late. […] The new tool, which seems similar to the car-tracking feature in popular ride-summoning apps like Uber and Lyft, is only being tested in Boston. But if the tests go well, the company wants to roll it out to more customers next year, [Senior VP Charlie Herrin,Customer Experience] wrote in the blog post. – Timothy Stenovec,HuffPost Science & Tech