Internet streaming ‘can not’ replace digital

The contention of Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and recommendation by the Lewis efficiency review that radio transmission can be carried by mobile networks rather than DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) digital radio, particularly in rural areas, is refuted in the report by Reg Coutts. […] Coutts, an emeritus professor of telecommunications at The University of Adelaide and former member of the NBN Expert Panel, said business models for radio carriage over mobile networks “are still being evaluated” but are likely to see: mobile network operators (MNOs) pay to upgrade each of their networks; broadcasters pay the MNOs for using the ­capacity required; and listeners pay to receive radio streamed via mobiles. The report also notes mobile radio streaming, unlike DAB+ listening, is not free; it interrupts other mobile applications; latency (or signal delay) on streaming is significantly worse than digital radio; and without digital radio rollout, regional broadcasters will be handicapped next to their metropolitan counterparts. – Michael Bodey,The Australian