How to turn a Chromebox into a video-streaming workhorse

A Chromebox is a small desktop computer that runs Google’s Chrome operating system, and you can use one to access virtually any streaming video service available on the web. They’re considerably more flexible than those sub-$100 set-top boxes, but they can’t do as much as a Windows-based media PC. On the other hand, they’re free from security and update hassles and they’re a whole lot cheaper. You can usually find models from HP and Asus on sale for less than their $180 list prices. […] Chromeboxes strike a happy medium between Windows-based home theater PCs and smaller streaming media devices. You get the freedom of the full Web that devices like Roku and Apple TV can’t match, without the costs (financial and otherwise) of Windows. The living room Chromebox isn’t for everyone, as it requires some tweaking, but it rewards patient cord-cutters with a wealth of Web-based video options. – Jared Newman,PCWorld
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