Google brings better, faster TV and internet hardware to Austin for Fiber launch

The Network+ Box is the centerpiece of Google Fiber in the home, offering four gigabit ethernet ports and full support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi. It also includes 2TB of storage for your DVR recordings. Some Fiber customers in Kansas City and other existing Fiber markets have had to deal with a separate box for that disk space (which should store about 500 hours of HD content), but Google says the updated hardware will find its way to those cities in the coming weeks and months. […] The TV Box also continues to double as a Wi-Fi extender if it detects a weak Wi-Fi signal. If wireless speeds aren’t ideal, it’ll automatically kick in and try to even out signal strength across your house. And Google is talking up Fiber’s Wi-Fi performance more than ever before. It won’t match the gigabit speeds you’ll get through a hardwired ethernet connection, but we saw test speeds of around 480Mbps (download) at the company’s Austin space. Uploads topped out at just below 200Mbps[.] – Chris Welch,The Verge
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