BitTorrent wants to change the way the web is built

BitTorrent’s strong support for an open internet is a defining characteristic of the company. Its vision of a “distributed” internet where users retain more control over their data and personal information is at the core of every product it launches, from its original peer-to-peer networking protocol (which gained so much fame as a piracy tool) to BitTorrent Sync, the company’s answer to Dropbox. […] Streamlining the process of actually viewing Torrent-hosted sites is where the Maelstrom browser comes in — it’s a build of Google’s open-source Chromium browser that can render the contents of a BitTorrent package, with results that look just like a standard site. Of course, there aren’t any sites being hosted with BitTorrent now, which is why this first phase is just a closed alpha. – Nathan Ingraham,The Verge
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