CBS chief says the network may stream live NFL games on its mobile app

While broadcast television has diminished significantly in the streaming age, it doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon as long as it has NFL games, which accounted for 26 of the 30 most watched television programs this fall. But a new report from The Hollywood Reporter offered signs that CBS may be preparing to loosen the broadcast TV chord a bit. During an appearance at UBS’ 42nd annual Global Media and Communications Conference, CBS CEO Les Moonves said the network could someday add NFL games to its digital subscription service, CBS All Access. […] Judging by Moonves’ statements, the question isn’t if NFL games will be added to All Access but when. “We currently do not have the NFL on (All Access),” Moonves said, “but once we add that, that could change the price point, or the NFL could share in some of that revenue.” CBS pays the NFL $1 billion a year to broadcast its games, not including the additional $275 million it paid to broadcast eight Thursday Night Football games for 2014. – Keith Nelson Jr,Digital Trends 
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