Cord Cutters Near 15 Million Households

When cable companies report subscribers, non only does it include home subscribers, but business subscribers as well. This in effect skews the data in regard to cord cutters. For example, let’s assume a cable company suffers a large amount of cancellations from residential subscribers. However, that same company has an equal number of new business able subscriptions. The final result will appear as though no one cut the cord.

Thankfully, Nielsen provides data based on residential households. I find those numbers much more relevant to the number of people ditching cable and cutting the cord. The numbers released in September showed over 14 million TV watching households live without cable, and about 8 million of those are using a set top streaming device. That’s a lot of cord cutters. Certainly more than many media outlets would lead us to believe. – Dennis Restauro,Grounded Reason 

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