Nick Offerman’s Netflix special is his ultimate statement on “Nick Offerman”

The actor’s name is on the marquee in Nick Offerman: American Ham, but he’s still playing a character. The true star of the stage show—now an adapted, condensed, and embellished Netflix special—is “Nick Offerman,” the actor’s heightened-self equivalent of Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Report alter ego. […] In its tangential state, American Ham is like an 80-minute conversation with a good-natured stoner, the type who’s prepared to show you, in precise detail, how he carved a replica of Bilbo Baggins’ pipe. The primary attraction is the Hobbit enthusiast at center stage, not necessarily the words coming out of his mouth. Offerman’s magnetism lift American Ham out of its talkier portions, lulls in which the actor gives a story too much color or not enough momentum. – Erik Adams,The A.V. Club
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