The 8 Best Christmas Episodes On Netflix

The holidays are around the corner, which means it’s almost time to grab that hot drink and cozy up by the fire television. Because it’s always fun to keep your viewing on-theme, we’ve compiled a handy guide to the best Christmas episodes currently streaming on Netflix. Wrap yourself in a fuzzy blanket and enjoy. – Lily Karlin, The Huffington Post via Vulture

1. 30 Rock, “Ludachristmas” Season 2, Episode 9
2. Gilmore Girls, “Forgiveness and Stuff” Season 1, Episode 10
3. The West Wing, “Noel” Season 2, Episode 10
4. New Girl, “The 23rd” Season 1, Episode 9
5. The Wonder Years, “Christmas” Season 2, Episode 3
6. The Office, “Christmas Party” Season 2, Episode 10
7. Arrested Development, “Afternoon Delight” Season 2, Episode 6
8. Mad Men, “Christmas Comes But Once A Year” Season 4, Episode 2

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