Verizon: We Can Basically Charge Netflix For Peering Forever And There’s Nothing The FCC Can Do To Stop It

Ars Technica noticed the filing, which Verizon FiOS submitted yesterday. The eight-page letter lays out Verizon’s familiar argument that the FCC can’t legally regulate Verizon’s broadband business under Title II but adds that even if they could, it wouldn’t help anyway. […] Verizon continues, “Any argument to regulate interconnection arrangements therefore would apply equally to those arrangements, but Netflix and Cogent presumably would object to doing so because those decisions — like Internet interconnection — raise issues that are distinct from the delivery of traffic in the last mile. By conflating last-mile regulation with interconnection issues,” Verizon concludes, “these entities are baldly pursuing regulatory rents that would reduce the costs of their business models by shifting them onto broadband subscribers.” – Kate Cox,
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