Top 5 TV Shows That Didn’t Air On Traditional TV Networks in 2014 « Nerdist

Seeing that I cancelled my live TV subscription at the beginning of the year, I’ve been forced to feed on a constant diet of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and Showtime Anytime. Sure, I miss traditional channels like Bravo and HGTV, but mostly because I can’t have them on in the background while my attention dips in and out. […] Aside from not being able to get the nightly 411 from Andy Cohen, I’m totally satisfied with my decision to give up the cable box, mostly because I would’ve missed out on discovering some of the most innovative and important TV shows that aren’t actually on TV. – Leslie Simon, The Nerdist
1. Transparent
2. The Killing
3. Orange Is the New Black
4. The Awesomes
5. House of Cards