Tom Wheeler says FCC will vote on net neutrality on February 26th

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has announced that his office will vote on an official proposal for net neutrality on February 26th. “We’re going to circulate it to the commissioners on February 5th and vote on it February 26th,” Wheeler told Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) President Gary Shapiro in a public interview at CES. […] The FCC has said over the past few months that it has been exploring a hybrid approach to protecting net neutrality. It’s believed that this approach would use strict, utility-like Title II regulation on the parts of the internet that connect content providers, but the approach wouldn’t apply that regulation to the final stretch of the internet that connects to consumers’ homes. There, a lighter regulation would be used that would still allow prioritized fast lanes to be sold. The FCC initially began exploring that approach at the suggestion of the court that struck down its last net neutrality rules. – Russell Brandom & Jacob Kastrenakes , The Verge
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