Twitch does Music with new library and broadcasting option

Twitch isn’t going to start showing music videos, at least not in the same way. Putting at slight twist to the category, Twitch is offering two types of music channels, one with a library of hassle-free music for live broadcasts, and another for actually broadcasting original music content. […] the Twitch Music Library, is a bit easier to grasp in that context. Last year, Twitch started muting the audio of videos that played copyrighted music in the background, which went against the service’s terms of use. But music-less broadcasts are boring, so Twitch has come up with a library of songs that users can use in their live streams or video-on-demand. If you’ve ever been at a loss on which music will pass Twitch’s scrutiny, then this library should be your main resource. At the moment, the library is filled with EDM, though Twitch says it plans to expand that to more genres eventually. – JC Torres, SlashGear
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