Cheap, functional, upgradeable: HP’s Stream and Pavilion Mini desktops reviewed

By contrast, the Stream and Pavilion Mini are inexpensive fully-equipped systems that are ready to work out of the box. They use lower-end processors and have lower specs all around, but they include a Windows license and even a keyboard and a mouse. If you or someone you know has a years-old mini-tower on or under their desk, these systems are attractive, inexpensive drop-in replacements. […] Both the Stream and Pavilion Minis share the same port layout—and, for that matter, the same motherboard, BIOS, driver set, and internal layout. They give you two USB 3.0 ports on the front and another two on the back, a gigabit Ethernet jack, and full-sized HDMI and DisplayPorts. We actually prefer the full-sized HDMI port to the mini version on the NUC since it’s much more common, though mini DisplayPorts seem to be more common than the full-size version. Win some, lose some. – Andrew Cunningham, Ars Technica
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