New Report Looks at U.S. Streaming, Finds Pandora the Clear Leader

The U.S. music streaming market can be broken down into three segments: the leader, the followers and the laggards. (Neither Edison Research nor Triton Digital named those segments, by the way.) Pandora is the clear leader. It has the highest brand awareness (75 percent) and the highest monthly usage (45 percent). […] Three services qualify as followers: iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio and Spotify. iHeartRadio ranks third in brand awareness (59%) and second in usage (17%). iTunes Radio climbed to second in brand awareness (72%) in fewer than two years and ranks third in brand usage (16%). Spotify brand awareness ranks behind two laggards (41%) — one an e-commerce giant — but ranks fourth in brand usage (13%) and has by far the best numbers of an on-demand subscription service. – Glenn Peoples, Billboard
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