Review: Star Trek New Voyages / The Mind Sifter

When it comes to reboots, it always seems the fans are always the first casualty. But, not this time! Star Trek: New Voyages is one of the truest allusions to the original Star Trek series you’ll ever see, and it’s available on Youtube. – Michael Whay, Streaming-TV

Star Trek: New Voyages picks up where the original TV series left off when it was canceled in 1969, and stays true to the original design and feel.  Sets go from perfect copies to actually being better than original. And while there are the few misses, they are far and few in between. Animation is beautiful and would give the remastering of the original series a run for its money

Other technical aspects are just as good. Lighting was a perfect rendition of the bright colors and film noir matching the era’s feel. Audio was prefect, but does feel like the soundtrack over takes the dialog at times. The HD Video picks up the lighting and sets almost too well, makes me wonder what changing the medium to film or the look would do for the show.

The acting is an ongoing process of character development. Where your watching most of the cast still making the transition into the characters and the campy feel of the original series. While some of the cast are further along than others, some members shine. Brian Gross (2 Broke Girls, 2001 Maniacs) is the newest addition replacing James Cawley in the lead role as Captain James T. Kirk. Playing along side Brandon Stacy (Terminator Genisys, American Horror Story) as Mr. Spock.

If the movie reboots make you miss the original franchise greatness then New Voyages is perfect. The series is completely funded by its fans thru Kickstarter and has already been nominated for a Hugo and a Nebula award, and winning Best Sci-Fi Web Series from the TV Guide Awards in 2007. Watch the latest episode from the link below.

Star Trek: New Voyages (The Mind Sifter)