‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Was Shot on RED EPIC DRAGON & Actually Finished in 6K

Netflix’s House of Cards, which just aired its third season, has been shooting on RED since the beginning. While the show is just starting to experiment with streaming in Ultra HD (3840 x 2160), since they shot on the Red Epic Dragon in 6K, they were able to create 6K masters of the show (in addition to 4K masters). […] if you’re wondering why you’d want to shoot in 6K in the first place, when you’ve got cameras that have just one sensor, each pixel can only represent one color. Thus, when you Debayer, or interpolate the image to get back the missing information, you’re losing resolved detail. If all things are equal, a 6K image downsampled to 4K should look sharper than a 4K image finished at 4K. – Joe Marine, No Film School 
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