Netflix’s dark, family melodrama Bloodline demands to be binge-watched

Bloodline has the trappings of a novelistic family saga, but it isn’t the type of show that compensates for its sedate pace by being especially observant. The show’s creators, Todd Kessler, Daniel Zelman, and Glenn Kessler, also created Damages, the legal thriller with an twisty, non-linear structure that could be as exhilarating as it was irritating. The creators have discouraged comparing Bloodline with Damages, but that’s a tall request. […] Kessler, Zelman, and Kessler may be repeating themselves, but their partnership with Netflix makes doing so is justified. Only when Damages landed on Netflix did the show meet its full potential. The qualities that made Damages an awful fit for traditional cable made it an ideal match for Netflix’s binge-watch culture. In rapid succession, its rug-pulls and cliffhangers feel deft rather than frustrating, and its fractured narrative feels elegant instead of contrived. – Joshua Alston, The A.V. Club
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