5 free apps every Netflix user needs to know about

– via Zach Epstein, BGR

  1. FlickSurfer: FlickSurfer makes it insanely easy to find the highest-rated content on Netflix at any given time. Users can drill down by content type (movies or TV shows) and by genre, and then sort by IMDB rating, Rotten Tomatoes rating, Netflix user rating, or an average of all three.
  2. What is on Netflix?: “WIOFLIX” for short, is very similar to FlixSurfer but it also shows you what’s new on Netflix. Even better, there are free iPhone, iPad and Android apps available for the service[.]
  3. Netflix Roulette: Netflix Roulette leaves your next stream up to chance.
  4. InstantWatcher: It’s also a bit more complex, with plenty of different options to suit your mood, and there are accompanying iOS and Android apps for your mobile devices.
  5. Netflix Enhancer: This is a free browser plugin for Chrome and Opera that does exactly what the name suggests: it enhances Netflix. See more extensive ratings and reviews in pop-ups, watch trailers right on the site in a pop-up window, and plenty more.

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