Why the cable industry should fear Verizon’s streaming video app

In a recent interview with Reuters, [CFO Fran Shammo] said he could see Verizon offering streaming video “not necessarily [on] a consumer-pay model” but using an approach that relies largely — if not exclusively — on advertising. […] The details of this model will prove to be extremely important, but the big takeaway here is that Verizon’s service theoretically could be priced at zero (or in general, substantially less than the $15-20 per month many of the major apps such as SlingTV and HBO Now expect to charge). This won’t lead to all the providers abandoning subscription fees overnight just so they can reach cord-cutters; after all, one of the best parts of watching HBO is that a full episode of “Game of Thrones” is, in fact, an hour long. – Brian Fung, Washington Post