Which Australian Streaming Service Has The Most Box Office Hit Movies?

[T]here’s not even a clear “winner” across all years. Presto “wins” 2014 by a slim margin and 2013 by a much wider margin, but then absolutely falls off a cliff in terms of popular available movies. Stan picks up the slack for 2012, and Netflix whomps everyone when it comes to the movies of 2011. Then there’s poor old Quickflix, which maintained an absolutely consistent level of movie availability, albeit not one that’s a stunning advertisement for its subscription streaming service. Not a single one of the titles in this list is available. […] everyone performs badly if you’re after box office hits, with nobody even having half of a given year’s movies. There are countless titles that absolutely nobody has — in the case of last year’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that’s arguably a good thing — but as services for delivering popular box office fare, nobody’s got a whole lot of crowing to do. – Alex Kidman, Lifehacker Australia