Verizon Promises Live Sports On New Mobile Streaming TV Service — But Not The Ones You Actually…

Sports are basically the great anchor keeping subscribers on their cable packages. For fans of pro and college ball (of all seasons and types), the best way to see your favorite teams is still with a traditional package from your (not so) friendly local cable or satellite provider. Getting the rights to a broad spectrum of live sports is a coup for any OTT provider.

But here’s the catch. The new service, Verizon specifies, will include the ACC Digital Network, Campus Insiders, 120 Sports, selections from CBS Sports, and selected live games and documentaries from ESPN. Campus Insiders and 120 Sports are services that specialize in repackaged material and highlight clips. And that “selected” content from CBS and ESPN is a big fat asterisk. – Kate Cox, The Consumerist

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