7 Netflix Documentaries That Are Definitely Worth A Watch

Fed Up: is as infuriating as it is eye-opening. Advocacy documentaries tend to be a bit short-sighted, reveling in their self-righteousness, but director Stephanie Soechtig has more than enough facts to avoid resting on pure outrage.

Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger: “Whitey” works through the issue of whether he was an informant, weighing both sides to look at not just Bulger’s legacy, but the depth of corruption inherent in federal law enforcement.

Tricked: ends with a startling statistic: “More people are enslaved today than at any point in history.”

Showrunners: […] makes for an interesting look at the way the relatively new position of showrunner has fueled the so-called golden age of TV.

Winnebago Man: Director Ben Steinbauer was one of those early fans of Jack “Winnebago Man” Rebney, which led him to track down the so-called “angriest man in the world” [.]

Love Me: takes on the “mail-order bride” industry as it thrives in the Ukraine.

I Am Divine: This glimpse into the life of the man who became Divine peels back the boundary-pushing sexiness and menace of the iconic character.

Lauren Duca, The Huffington Post

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