Review: Other Space

Karen Soni: Other Space

Karen Soni and crew get “flushed” into another galaxy.

Joel, Crow and AT&T’s most beloved stars get flushed into another universe in this new series from Yahoo Screen: Other Space. – Michael Whay, Streaming-TV

In order to drum up excitement for space exploration, the rejects of earth’s space fleet, the UMP are assemble on the dilapidated flagship for a mission of exploration.

Staring Karen Soni as the awkward Captain Stewart Lipinski along side his not-so-secret crush Helms-woman Tina Shukshin (Milana Vayntrub) best known for her role as AT&T’s most famous CSR Lily. The dysfunctional crew is quickly “flushed” into another galaxy. Leaving cast highlights cult classic MST3K stars, Engineer┬áZalian Fletcher (Joel Hogdson) and his robot friend A.R.T (Trace Beaulieu), once again trapped on a space ship this time the experiment of Yahoo.

Other Space: Joel HodgsonProduction values are high are as you would expect from the small set series and newest VOD competitor on the scene. And even though the show has been dwarfed by Community, its worth a watch. Especially for the price tag of free. Link to the series below: