Sky’s new Now TV box is full HD compatible after all

photo: Engadget

[T]he new Now TV box is basically a rebranded Roku 3, and since that device supports full HD, 1080p streaming, we assumed Sky’s reskinned version would too. We were told yesterday, however, that Sky’s model was slightly different, in that it can only output at 720p like the first-gen Now TV box. As it turns out, this isn’t true: the new Now TV box does support 1080p, but Sky content will continue to stream at a maximum resolution of 720p. Also, there are “no immediate plans” to make the jump to full HD, as Sky would rather not hinge the user experience on the speed of your internet connection. By coming clean about its mistake, Sky’s actually made the £15 streaming puck a more attractive purchase. – Jamie Rigg, Engadget