NHK World is the chillest channel on TV

photo: NHK

I should be clear that I don’t consider myself a Japanophile (though I do think Japan is a lovely country). I don’t watch anime, I don’t read manga. You don’t need to in order to enjoy the simple pleasures of NHK World, which is effectively one long commercial for Japanese tourism interspersed with 10- and 30-minute editions of Newsline, an even-handed, English-language news program devoid of the hyperbole and seizure-inducing chyrons American networks hold dear. There are also dubbed gems imported from NHK proper like Supreme Skills!, where two teams are tasked with building a mundane object taken to the extreme: a top that can spin for 15 minutes, for instance, or a really, really sharp knife blade. […] Check your local listings for NHK World, because you might be surprised to find that you have it for free. It’s also available streaming to anyone — no cable subscription required[.] – Chris Ziegler, The Verge

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