Why Telstra TV is doomed to fail

photo: The Sydney Morning Herald

[Telstra] made one flawed decision in selecting the Roku 2: it doesn’t have a built-in tuner. It may seem a stretch to argue, but a short(ish) history lesson on Australia’s internet TV market bears it out. Early attempts to establish streaming services in Australia were largely financial disasters that landed in the hands of administrators or, if they were backed by established entertainment brands, were aborted. […] The secondary device tends to get forgotten and be used only on weekends or holidays rather than being part of the consumer’s daily viewing digest. Furthermore, the technically savvy consumers that might have a fondness for such a gadget would likely know that they can already get the services on the Roku 2 via their smart TV interface, their gaming console or by using a smartphone with Google’s Chromecast. –
Andrew Colley, The Sydney Morning Herald